ADDED OCTOBER 2014: NEW VIDEO “COOTIES” Autobiography 01

Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find all sorts of shenanigans - drawings, videos and stuff that influenced them. A large amount of the things you will find, particularly in the Artwork section aren’t finished, mainly due to a low boredom threshold and the fact that I probably found something better to do. But I have kept a lot of the stuff that I created in the past, complete or not, and filled this website with some of the best. As I uncover more bits and pieces or when I produce more videos I will add to the site, and in between those times I will probably just throw more things that just generally interest me at it’s pages.





If you have any comments about the site, whether it’s suggestions or you’ve found an error somewhere please feel free to let me know. Insults I can cope without - I receive enough of those in everyday life!

Wally World


These pages contain a collection of work from the eighties and nineties including programs and games written for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore Amiga.
For the Amiga games I’ve put in the reviews I received from The One Amiga magazine and added links to download ADF files of the games to play in Amiga emulators.
There’s also a few screenshots of some of my favourite games from each of the computers homecomputers.

It’s amazing what you do in times of boredom. I actually started to write my autobiography in the belief that someone, somewhere would be interested. Fortunately I didn’t get too far into it when I had a light-bulb moment and realised that no-one would actually give a shit. But if you would like to read about my life up until roughly the age of 6, here it is.

On the website… Autobiography

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Bits and Pieces

Here we have a page full of stuff that didn’t really go under the headings of the other pages - some photos, some slideshows and even a bit of music mixing! There’s also
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video made as
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